1. Ariane Lo

    Hi Tart!! We have checked out the Bordeaux video. Already asked Philip to pass our thanks to you but finally decided to say it to you in person. The video is amazingly good!!! Music, motion, scenes chosen are very romantic and match perfectly with each other. We really love it! If we knew you earlier, we must have hired you for our wedding day in Bali.

    Anyways, if we have a baby in the future, you must be the only choice for us, for taking the baby shots (if you do not charge super high by then hahaha).

    Btw, we want to take away just 3 short shots from the video (mainly because i look fat there, nothing wrong with your video).
    – 1:03-1:04
    – 1:25
    – 1:55-1:58

    Thank you very much! Please do let us / Philip knows when the revised version is ready.

    Take care and regards,

    1. Hi Ariane,

      A reply is being sent to you by email. Thanks!


  2. Nic


    I would like to know if April 1st is available for video for my big day. I also notice that there are 3 director. How do I tell which is from which director. Can you give me more video ?

    1. Hi Nic,
      A reply has been sent to you by e-mail. Thanks a lot!

      T.Art Videography

  3. Kelly

    Sent email already, please check, thanks

  4. Jonathan and Lan


    We got recommendation from Amee Cheung Photography.

    We are looking for a videographer for our wedding on 23/09/2017. Wedding ceremony and a buffet lunch will be held at JW Marriott Hong Kong, lasting until about 15:30. Would you be available?

    Also, please kindly advise what would half day rate be?

    We look forward to your reply!

    1. Dear Jonathan & Lan,

      Dear Suet,

      First of all, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I’m pleased to advise we are available on 23 September 2017
      May I have your email to let us send the rate card to you?

      Best regards,
      T.Art Videography


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