Our Director


T. Art Videography 成立於2010年,致力把最自然的感動時刻透過影片紀錄下來。我們認為「人」是一個婚禮中最重要的部分,人與人的關係,就是感動的元素。為每一個獨特的婚禮作紀錄,就是我們的責任。


Wedding is only happened once in your life. Once you missed the emotional moment, you can not go back. To capture every moments and the touching times in your wedding, this is the aims of us.

T. Art Videography was established in 2010. We committed to record yours moment in natural. We believe that the peoples is the most important part of a wedding. We are focus on the relationship between peoples. Record for each unique wedding is our responsibility.

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