T. Art Videography Hong Kong

Wedding is only happened once in your life. Once you missed the emotional moment, you can not go back. To capture every moments and the touching times in your wedding, this is the aims of us.

T. Art Videography was established in 2010. We committed to record yours moment in natural. We believe that the peoples is the most important part of a wedding. We are focus on the relationship between peoples. Record for each unique wedding is our responsibility.

Our Director


While you enjoy yourself in the wedding bustling with excitements and laughter, Matthew promises to capture every special moment of you. As an enthusiast to challenges, he works excellent in grand, meticulous environment. Rushing guests and busy ballrooms are not to disrupt his quality work.


Our only female director on board carries very distinct work style. She picks up tiny yet memorable little details, handling weddings in great nicety. You may think she is quiet, but her video work says a thousand words of love.


Wedding – a beautiful scene – written and awaited to happen. With practiced hands and observant eyes, Tart recreates your unique love story. Sincere and vivid. Our dear guests, focus only on your partner, and Tart will present you the unnoticeable, yet the most natural interactions between the two of you.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Hi we are looking for a videographer for our wedding on Feb 2, 2019. Was wondering if you are available and could you send us more details. Many thanks

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